Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great Products Create Ripple Effect

"I've also started stuffing papers I want to have with me through a sheet-fed scanner and moved the resulting files to the iPad as PDFs. It is like ripping CDs to get MP3s; the iPad is like an iPod for paper." - PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer

From the article caption above, we could expect a sizeable population with the same intention or thoughts to maximize their iPad experience. And this could easily create opportunities for copier machines that could easily sync with the iPad.

Consider the huge gadget products and accessories market. While they compliment the core products, it's market could be larger due to the flexibility to change designs and trends at a lower investment. With easy customization, some accessories even allow you to create team-themes. Besides offering some product protection, gadget accessories allow consumers to differentiate their products and create an identity for themselves, and take HP's tagline, "the [computer] is personal again" up a few levels.

ZAGG Inc. (a company that supplies high-end gadget products and accessories) mission statement, "ZAGG is committed to offering innovative ways to improve the relationship between people and their beloved gadgets—that they love and rely upon. We get it!"

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